Navigating around First NeTrader® Web pages is easy typifying the ” User Friendly ” image.

All Classifications are displayed on the Front Page, simply click on the Classification of interest which takes you into the list of advertisements alphabetisized for ease of use. Simply scroll to view.

At the top of each page is a list of options. The ” Home ” link will return you to the front page where you are free to view all other classifications.

For any specific searches use ” Smart Search “. Simply type in a ” key word ” and GO. e.g. name of town, type of property acreage/tractor/hotel/acco/waterfront. A list will be produced containing your requested key word, simply scroll, click and access the information requested.

Advertiser can simply type into ” Smart Search ” their advertised phone number (last eight digits if a land line number or last six digits if mobile) to access their own Ad.

If you need help, please Email us at your convenience.

Whereas we endeavor to present a ” User Friendly ” website, your comments and advice are appreciated.