Ad Tips


Utilise all available content allowance. A Text40 advertisement allows for 40 words of text. It does not include your Header[Title] or Footer[Contact details] which are FREE.

REMEMBER, a picture is worth 1,000 Words.

If you are selling a property, be as accurate as possible when indicating LOCATION. Indicate amenities and facilities available to the area. If the property is commercial indicate what types of commerce already exist in the area. Rural properties should also indicate all water facilities available including dams, road conditions, power and phone availability and, dependant on the usage, flora and fauna.

If you are selling a business, retailers should indicate foot traffic in the area, draw cards like Shopping Centres, parks, office buildings, town centre, regular clientele etc. service industries could indicate what other services are in the area to draw daily new prospective clients, plans for the area which may improve business and all business should base their selling price on tax/accountants figures and, when needed, company profilers are available to better present your offer.

Vehicles and machinery should give as much detail as possible including present condition, past usage and log books where possible.

All advertisers should provide as many contact options as possible. E.g. phone, fax, mobile, email, etc.

Answering Machines and Message Bank are sometimes better avoided however, you have the facility to re-direct calls to any other phone location enabling prospective buyers to reach you NOW.

Your advertising term is 4 full months and you are able to change/amend or re-write your text as often as needed during the term.

On your Account is FirstNeTrader ® HELPLine. If you need assistance anytime during your term with us, our staff are available to help you anytime during Office Hours. Keep in touch; remember YOUR SUCCESS is OUR SUCCESS.

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