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To access your own personal information, simply type the following into your location bar… number.[The relevant information appears on your Account/Receipt]


When using your account number, ignore the initial zero’s i.e. If your Account Number is 0000008974, simply use 8974. Therefore you would use


You can use this powerful marketing tool to your advantage. Maximising your Internet advertising which is active for FOUR FULL MONTHS, you can minimise your hard copy ads and direct your readers to your personal web page. After all your other advertising simply put “more information at number” Think of the possibilities… 80 words of text advertised in the Publication cost a “one time registration fee” of A$264.00 and is selling ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, FOR FOUR FULL MONTHS.What more if you add a picture[s]. At the same time, your personal web page containing the same information is also available at all times for FOUR FULL MONTHS.


Whereas you have “in depth” or complete information on your web page, smaller ads can be taken in other areas with directions to your web page for greater effect at considerable savings.


E.g. 80 words of complete selling information with pictures [let’s say a house] on your personal web page and other ‘smaller leading ads’ in hard copy publications such as “Best 4 bedroom residence in Frankston. Sacrificing at $180,000. Phone … or more information at number or Hottest business in Frankston, must sell at fraction of real value. Phone … or more details at number The possibilities are endless, use all available facilities to SELL, SELL, SELL. Anyone can use these Power Selling Methods that the professionals use. If you need help or advice at any time during business hours, just call us on our HELPLINE 07 5564 6564